For machine intelligence applications to work successfully, machines must perform reliably under variations of data and must be able to keep up with data streams. Internet-Scale Pattern Recognition: New Techniques for Voluminous Data Sets and Data Clouds unveils computational models that address performance and scalability to achieve higher levels

part 1|2 pages

Part I: Recognition: A New Perspective

chapter 1|12 pages


part 2|2 pages

Part II: Evolution of Internet-Scale Recognition

chapter 3|14 pages

One-Shot Learning Considerations

chapter 4|24 pages

Hierarchical Model for Pattern Recognition

part 3|2 pages

Part III: Systems and Tools

chapter 6|14 pages

Internet-Scale Applications Development

part 4|2 pages

Part IV: Implementations and Applications

part 5|2 pages

Part V: The Way Forward

chapter 10|6 pages

Recognition: The Future and Beyond