Electrical distribution and transmission systems are complex combinations of various conductive and insulating materials. When exposed to atmospheric corrosive gases, contaminants, extreme temperatures, vibrations, and other internal and external impacts, these systems deteriorate, and sooner or later their ability to function properly is destroyed. Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution: Aging and Life Extension Techniques offers practical guidance on ways to slow down the aging of these electrical systems, improve their performance, and extend their life.

Recognize the Signs of Aging in Equipment—and Learn How to Slow It

A reference manual for engineering, maintenance, and training personnel, this book analyzes the factors that cause materials to deteriorate and explains what you can do to reduce the impact of these factors. In one volume, it brings together extensive information previously scattered among manufacturers’ documentation, journal papers, conference proceedings, and general books on plating, lubrication, insulation, and other areas.

  • Shows you how to identify the signs of equipment aging
  • Helps you understand the causes of equipment deterioration
  • Suggests practical techniques for protecting electrical apparatus from deterioration and damage
  • Supplies information that can be used to develop manuals on proper maintenance procedures and choice of materials
  • Provides numerous examples from industry

This book combines research and engineering material with maintenance recommendations given in layperson’s terms, making it useful for readers from a range of backgrounds. In particular, it is a valuable resource for personnel responsible for the utilization, operation, and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution equipment at power plants and industrial facilities.