Although we now have sophisticated algorithms and techniques for determining the shapes and sizes and for matching the fit between shoes and feet, few, if any, of the books currently available cover these new technologies until now. Bringing together high-quality and state-of-the-art contributions from designers, biomechanists, ergonomists, enginee

chapter 1|16 pages

- Foot Structure and Anatomy

chapter 2|28 pages

- Foot Morphology

chapter 6|20 pages

- 3D Surface Scanning

chapter 9|20 pages

- Shoe-Last Design and Development

chapter 10|48 pages

- Computer-Aided Design of Footwear

chapter 11|18 pages

- High-Heeled Shoes

chapter 12|12 pages

- Footbed Design

chapter 13|18 pages

- Design of Insoles

chapter 17|18 pages

- Foot Pressure Measurements

chapter 18|32 pages

- Plantar Pressure Analysis

chapter 19|28 pages

- Virtual Shoe Test Bed

chapter 21|18 pages

- Footwear Effects on Running Kinematics

chapter 23|24 pages

- Effects of Footwear on Muscle Function

chapter 30|18 pages

- Mass Customization and Footwear