Nature converts molecules into edible structures, most of which are then transformed into products in factories and kitchens. Tasty food structures enter our mouths and different sensations invade our bodies. By the time these structures reach our cells, they have been broken back down into molecules that serve as fuel and raw materials for our bod

chapter |8 pages


chapter |2 pages

About the Author

chapter 1|52 pages

- Nutritious and Delicious Molecules

chapter 2|54 pages

- Food Materials and Structures

chapter 3|32 pages

- Journey to the Center of Our Food

chapter 4|40 pages

- From Farm to Cells and Back

chapter 5|24 pages

- A Pinch of Mathematics

chapter 6|26 pages

- Nutritional and Culinary Thermodynamics

chapter 7|34 pages

- Between Brain and Cell

chapter 9|12 pages

- The Pleasure of Eating

chapter 10|24 pages

- The Empowerment of Chefs

chapter 11|22 pages

- The Science That Fascinates Chefs

chapter 12|38 pages

- Healthy Habits

chapter 13|10 pages

- Final Comments