As cities undergo vast changes due to industrialization, urbanization, and globalization, environmental considerations assume a growing importance in the urban planning processes of an increasing number of governments around the world. Several cities and regions around the world have already enacted policies that signal the emergence of a paradigm

chapter 1|12 pages

- Eco-City Planning Theories and Thoughts

chapter 2|90 pages

- Integrated Urban Ecosystem Assessments

chapter 3|16 pages

- Planning of Ecological Spatial Systems

chapter 4|40 pages

- Planning of Industry System

chapter 8|14 pages

- Urban Ecological Planning Regulation

chapter 9|34 pages

- Eco-City Guangzhou Plan

chapter 10|60 pages

- Eco-City Xiamen Plan

chapter 11|40 pages

- Eco-City Baotou Plan

chapter 12|60 pages

- Eco-City Wuyishan Plan

chapter 13|28 pages

- Eco-City Wanzhou Plan

chapter 14|76 pages

- Eco-City Jingdezhen Plan