Exploring the practical, entrepreneurial, and historical aspects of medical device development, this second edition of The Medical Device R&D Handbook provides a how-to guide for medical device product development. The book offers knowledge of practical skills such as prototyping, plastics selection, and catheter construction, allowing designer

chapter 1|26 pages

- Introduction to Medical Plastics

chapter 3|22 pages

- Introduction to Needles and Cannulae

chapter 6|20 pages

- Basics of Catheter Assembly

chapter 7|40 pages

Rapid Prototyping for Medical Devices

chapter 10|6 pages

- Prototype or Produce? How to Decide

chapter 13|12 pages

- ABCs of NDAs

chapter 15|38 pages

- Regulatory Affairs: Medical Devices

chapter 16|14 pages

- 510(k) Reform: The Stakes Are High

chapter 20|8 pages

- Interview with Thomas Fogarty, MD

chapter 21|6 pages

- Interview with Paul Yock, MD

chapter 22|6 pages

- Interview with Dane Miller, PhD

chapter 23|2 pages

- Interview with Ingemar Lundquist

chapter 24|12 pages

Interview with J. Casey McGlynn

chapter 27|4 pages

- Medical Device Sales 101

chapter 29|12 pages

- How to Fail as an Entrepreneur