In cases where minimal or no physical evidence exists, behavioral evidence may be all that investigators have available to help them focus the investigation. It may be the only aspect of the case that can link one unsolved case to another, or to numerous other unsolved cases. Sexually Motivated Crimes: Understanding the Profile of the Sex Offender

chapter 1|14 pages

- Sexually Motivated Offenses

chapter 3|24 pages

- The Nuisance Offender

chapter 5|36 pages

- Profile of the Rapist

chapter 6|18 pages

- Case Study: The Water Bridge Rapists

chapter 7|20 pages

- Sexual Homicide

chapter 9|26 pages

- Profile of the Child Sex Offender

chapter 10|16 pages

- Case Study: The Molester in Troop No. 357

chapter 11|36 pages

- Missing and Exploited Children