Reflecting the rapid progress in cleanup technology since the previous edition, this revised and expanded third edition of The Basics of Oil Spill Cleanup covers current cleanup techniques, how oil spills are measured and detected, and the properties of the oil and its long-term fate in the environment. It also deals with why, how often, and where

chapter 2|14 pages

- Response to Oil Spills

chapter 3|10 pages

- Types of Oil and Their Properties

chapter 4|20 pages

- Behavior of Oil in the Environment

chapter 6|18 pages

- Containment on Water

chapter 7|20 pages

- Oil Recovery on Water

chapter 9|16 pages

- Spill-Treating Agents

chapter 10|16 pages

- In-Situ Burning

chapter 11|26 pages

- Shoreline Cleanup and Restoration

chapter 12|18 pages

- Oil Spills on Land

chapter 13|20 pages

- Effects of Oil Spills on the Environment