Charcuterie, the art of transforming pork meats into various preparations as an array of dishes, has traditionally held a very important place in gastronomy. An art that demands serious attention by the chef, its success depends not only on the execution but also on the presentation. Chef's Guide to Charcuterie demonstrates how to transform lesser

chapter 1|10 pages

- Charcuterie

chapter 2|10 pages

- Pork

chapter 3|12 pages

- Nutrition Tables

chapter 4|10 pages

- Salt

chapter 6|6 pages

- Master Pastry Recipes for Charcuterie

chapter 7|66 pages

- Sausages

chapter 8|8 pages

- Foie Gras

chapter 9|36 pages

- Terrines and Patés

chapter 10|18 pages

- Galantines and Ballotines

chapter 11|32 pages

- More Charcuterie Recipes