Any research that uses new organic chemicals, or ones that are not commercially available, will at some time require the synthesis of such compounds. Therefore, organic synthesis is important in many areas of both applied and academic research, from chemistry to biology, biochemistry, and materials science. The third edition of a bestseller, Advanc

chapter 1|2 pages

- General introduction

chapter 2|10 pages

- Safety

chapter 3|28 pages

- Keeping records of laboratory work

chapter 4|24 pages

- Equipping the laboratory and the bench

chapter 5|16 pages

- Purification and drying of solvents

chapter 7|14 pages

- Gases

chapter 8|6 pages

- Vacuum pumps

chapter 9|54 pages

- Carrying out the reaction

chapter 10|18 pages

- Working up the reaction

chapter 11|40 pages

- Purification

chapter 12|10 pages

- Small-scale reactions

chapter 13|8 pages

- Large-scale reactions

chapter 14|10 pages

- Special procedures

chapter 15|8 pages

- Characterization

chapter 17|12 pages

- The chemical literature