Biomaterials have had a major impact on the practice of contemporary medicine and patient care. Growing into a major interdisciplinary effort involving chemists, biologists, engineers, and physicians, biomaterials development has enabled the creation of high-quality devices, implants, and drug carriers with greater biocompatibility and biofunctiona

chapter 1|42 pages

- Antithrombin–Heparin Complexes

chapter 2|22 pages

- Glucose-Sensitive Hydrogels

chapter 4|38 pages

- Modular Biomimetic Drug Delivery Systems

chapter 6|18 pages

Drug Carrier Systems for Anticancer Agents

chapter 9|28 pages

- Biological Stimulus-Responsive Hydrogels

chapter 12|26 pages

- Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systems

chapter 14|20 pages

- Polymers for Myocardial Tissue Engineering