This book presents a systematic approach to understanding and applying the principles of hydrology and hydroclimatology, examining the interactions among different components of the water cycle. It takes a fresh look at the fundamentals and challenges in hydrologic and hydroclimatic systems as well as climate change. The author describes the applic

chapter 1|16 pages

- Introduction

chapter 2|40 pages

- Hydroclimatic Systems

chapter 3|36 pages

- Hydroclimatic Processes

chapter 4|50 pages

- Hydrologic Cycle Analysis

chapter 5|54 pages

- Watersheds

chapter 6|104 pages

- Surface Water Hydrology

chapter 7|62 pages

- Groundwater Hydrology

chapter 8|70 pages

- Time Series Analysis

chapter 9|38 pages

- Climate Change Impacts and Models

chapter 11|70 pages

- Hydrologic Simulation

chapter 12|52 pages

- Drought Analysis and Management

chapter 13|54 pages

- Flood