Now in its twenty-fifth edition, Spon's Landscape and External Works Price Book 2006 offers the only comprehensive source of information for detailed external works and landscape costs. It covers all the items to be found in hard and soft landscape contracts and forms an indispensable reference book for quantity surveyors, landscape architects and contractors – essential for compiling estimates, specifications, bills of quantities and works schedules. A full index and list of manufacturers and suppliers gives easy reference to all items.

As well as a general update, new features for the easy-to-read 2006 edition include:

  • a new and comparative view on the uses of site machinery
  • railway sleeper retaining walls
  • reinforcement for in-situ concrete
  • aluminium edgings in hard and soft landscape situations
  • containerised tree planting
  • landscape irrigation.

Additionally, this year's edition has undergone a major review of the Approximate Estimating section with many new items directly built up as composites from the measured works section.

All the standard features that you expect from Spon’s Landscape and External Works are also included:

  • material and measured work prices covering contract items from preliminaries and site clearance, and encompassing every external works activity with full breakdown into labour, materials and other components
  • soft landscape works: grassed areas, planting, aquatics, forestry, and maintenance period prices for grass, planting and tree work
  • full coverage of external construction work: walls, fences, barriers, bollards, steps, car parks, paving, etc. and prices for land and surface water drainage and piped services
  • playgrounds, sport and recreation work, lighting, seating, and water features including fountains, pools and lakes
  • detailed guidance on wage rates, landscape consultants' fee scales
  • extensive Approximate Estimates section for rapid spot estimating
  • updated, free of charge, every three months – see enclosed card to register. Updates are available online at www.pricebooks.co.uk

With FREE CD–ROM containing Spon’s Landscape & External Works price data.

Preface to the Twenty-Fifth Edition  List of Manufacturers and Suppliers  Common Arrangement of Work Sections  1. How to Use This Book  2. Cost Information  3. Preliminaries  4. Fees for Professional Services  5. Prices for Measured Works  6. Approximate Estimates  7. Tables and Memoranda  8. Index