With organizations and individuals increasingly dependent on the Web, the need for competent, well-trained Web developers and maintainers is growing. Helping readers master Web development, Dynamic Web Programming and HTML5 covers specific Web programming languages, APIs, and coding techniques and provides an in-depth understanding of the underlyin

chapter Chapter 1|28 pages

The Web: An Overview

chapter Chapter 2|47 pages

Webpage Markup with HTML5

chapter Chapter 3|34 pages

Audio, Video, and More HTML5

chapter Chapter 4|58 pages

Styling with CSS

chapter Chapter 5|46 pages

Forms, PHP, and Form Processing

chapter Chapter 6|54 pages

Dynamic User Interface with JavaScript

chapter Chapter 7|60 pages


chapter Chapter 8|60 pages

Server-Side Programming with PHP

chapter Chapter 9|48 pages

Database-Driven Websites

chapter Chapter 10|50 pages

Web Hosting: Apache, PHP, and MySQL

chapter Chapter 11|41 pages

XML, AJAX, and Web Services

chapter Chapter 12|38 pages

SVG and MathML

chapter Chapter 13|70 pages

HTML5 and Mobile Websites