Other books on information security metrics discuss number theory and statistics in academic terms. Light on mathematics and heavy on utility, PRAGMATIC Security Metrics: Applying Metametrics to Information Security breaks the mold. This is the ultimate how-to-do-it guide for security metrics.Packed with time-saving tips, the book offers easy-to-fo

chapter 1|12 pages

- Introduction

chapter 2|16 pages

- Why Measure Information Security?

chapter 3|22 pages

- The Art and Science of Security Metrics

chapter 4|8 pages

- Audiences for Security Metrics

chapter 5|16 pages

- Finding Candidate Metrics

chapter 6|40 pages

- Metametrics and the PRAGMATIC Approach

chapter 7|130 pages

- 150+ Example Security Metrics

chapter 9|12 pages

- Advanced Information Security Metrics

chapter 10|10 pages

- Downsides of Metrics

chapter 11|32 pages

- Using PRAGMATIC Metrics in Practice

chapter 12|42 pages

- Case Study

chapter 13|14 pages

- Conclusions