Vitamin A (retinol) is an essential dietary compound with myriad metabolic and regulatory functions. Deficiency can result in vision problems, compromised immune responses, and a host of other medical issues. More than 600 carotenoids have been identified in plants, algae, fungi, and bacteria, and around 50 carotenoids-includingcarotene-can be co

chapter 3|22 pages

- Retinoids in the Treatment of Psoriasis

chapter 8|10 pages

- Retinol and Otitis Media

chapter 9|20 pages

- Carotenoids and Mutagenesis

chapter 13|14 pages

- Vitamin A in Lung Development and Function

chapter 14|16 pages

- Vitamin A and Carotenoids in Lung Diseases

chapter 16|12 pages

- Carotenoids in Laboratory Medicine