Underground � the way to the future was the motto of the World Tunnel Congress 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. The use of underground space has gained importance during the last years due to the tremendous global urbanization, the high demand on transportation capacities and energy production. All this result in a wider range of use of underground spa

chapter |96 pages

Underground space utilisation

chapter |160 pages

Project planning and implementation

chapter |192 pages

Safety and other operational issues

chapter |232 pages

Design case studies

chapter |54 pages

Seismic design and experiences

chapter |86 pages

TBM performance and wear

chapter |72 pages

Developments in monitoring technology

chapter |108 pages

Other construction technology developments

chapter |90 pages

Alptransit tunnels

chapter |126 pages

Underground construction for hydropower

chapter |92 pages

Other hydraulic tunnels

chapter |258 pages

Other construction case histories