Despite the obvious need for transparency, a company‘s Lean results can continue to hide behind the mask of traditional accounting and dilute the benefits of a Lean implementation. When your organization opts to go Lean, you must empower your accountants with Lean tools that serve the Lean mission.Winner of a Shingo Research and Professional Public

chapter 1|10 pages

- Principles of Strategic Lean Thinking

chapter 2|12 pages

- Value Stream Management

chapter 3|16 pages

- Principles of Lean Accounting

chapter 4|18 pages

- Value Stream Costing

chapter 5|12 pages

- Inventory Management

chapter 6|12 pages

- Capacity Management

chapter 7|14 pages

- Product Costs and Lean Decisions

chapter 8|14 pages

- Lean Planning

chapter 9|14 pages

- Measurement Selection and Alignment

chapter 10|16 pages

- Measurement and Lean Behavior

chapter 11|12 pages

- Leaning Accounting Processes