Most processed materials retain a memory of their production process at the molecular level. Subtle changes in production-such as variations in temperature or the presence of impurities-can impart performance benefits or drawbacks to individual batches of products. Some product developers have taken advantage of this process dependency to tailor pr

chapter 2|26 pages

- Fitness-for-Use Testing

chapter 3|40 pages

- Technical Creativity and Idea Generation

chapter 4|34 pages

- Finding Product Opportunity

chapter 5|20 pages

- Prioritizing Project Proposals

chapter 7|28 pages

- Organizing Development Projects

chapter 8|32 pages

- Project Execution and Oversight

chapter 9|38 pages

- Small-Scale Trials

chapter 11|36 pages

- Managing and Controlling the Process

chapter 12|22 pages

- Controlling Raw Materials

chapter 13|24 pages

- Complex Manufacturing Situations

chapter 14|22 pages

- Human Factors

chapter 15|20 pages

- Managing Customer Expectations

chapter 16|18 pages

- Proprietary Systems