Teach Your Students How to Use Computing to Explore Powerful and Creative IdeasIn the twenty-first century, computers have become indispensable in music making, distribution, performance, and consumption. Making Music with Computers: Creative Programming in Python introduces important concepts and skills necessary to generate music with computers.

chapter 1|24 pages

◾ Introduction and History

chapter 2|24 pages

◾ Elements of Music and Code

chapter 3|40 pages

◾ Organization and Data

chapter 4|36 pages

◾ Transformation and Process

chapter 5|30 pages

◾ Iteration and Lists

chapter 6|36 pages

◾ Randomness and Choices

chapter 7|50 pages

◾ Sonification and Big Data

chapter 8|48 pages

◾ Interactive Musical Instruments

chapter 9|26 pages

◾ Making Connections

chapter 10|24 pages

◾ Music, Number, and Nature

chapter 11|66 pages

◾ Exploring Powerful Ideas