Diabetes mellitus is an extremely common disease that is reaching epidemic proportions owing to major increases in the incidence of obesity and the propensity for a sedentary life. The need for physicians to familiarize themselves with all forms of diabetes is essential and the Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus goes a long way toward making the task easie

chapter 1|8 pages

- Introduction

chapter 2|24 pages

- Pathogenesis

chapter 3|26 pages

- Treatment

chapter 5|2 pages

- Diabetes and surgery

chapter 6|6 pages

- Acute complications of diabetes

chapter 7|40 pages

- Chronic complications of diabetes

chapter 8|2 pages

- Diabetic dyslipidemia

chapter 9|4 pages

- Diabetes and pregnancy

chapter 10|2 pages

- Living with diabetes

chapter 11|4 pages

- Future developments in diabetes