This is an English translation of a Chinese textbook that has been designated a national planned university textbook, the highest award given to scientific textbooks in China. The book provides a complete overview of mechanical properties and fracture mechanics in materials science, mechanics, and physics. It details the macro- and micro-mechanical properties of metal structural materials, nonmetal structural materials, and various functional materials. It also discusses the macro and micro failure mechanism under different loadings and contains research results on thin film mechanics, smart material mechanics, and more.

chapter 1|50 pages

Fundamentals of Elasto-Plastic Mechanics

chapter 3|31 pages

Basic Mechanical Properties of Materials

chapter 4|31 pages

Material Hardness and the Size Effect

chapter 5|37 pages

Testing of Material Fracture Toughness

chapter 6|40 pages

Residual Stresses in Materials

chapter 7|42 pages

Creep and Fatigue of Metals

chapter 10|40 pages

Mechanical Properties of Smart Materials

chapter 11|50 pages

Mechanical Properties of Thin Films

chapter 12|40 pages

Mechanical Properties of Polymer Materials

chapter 14|29 pages

Mechanical Properties of Composite Materials