Address Errors before Users Find ThemUsing a mix-and-match approach, Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices presents an attack basis for testing mobile and embedded systems. Designed for testers working in the ever-expanding world of "smart" devices driven by software, the book focuses on attack-based testing that can be used by

chapter 3|26 pages

Control System Attacks

chapter 4|30 pages

Hardware Software Attacks

chapter 5|18 pages

Mobile and Embedded Software Attacks

chapter 6|36 pages

Time Attacks: “It’s about Time”

chapter 8|18 pages

Smart and/or Mobile Phone Attacks

chapter 9|32 pages

Mobile/Embedded Security

chapter 10|12 pages

Generic Attacks

chapter 11|52 pages

◾ Generic Attacks

chapter 12|6 pages

Some Parting Advice