This volume demonstrates show cost analysis can be adapted to MEMS, taking into account the wide range of processes and equipment, the major differences with the established semiconductor industry, and the presence of both large-scale, product-orientated manufacturers and small- and medium-scale foundries. The content examines the processes and equ

chapter 1|12 pages

The World of MEMS

chapter 2|18 pages

Basic Fabrication Processes

chapter 3|42 pages

Surface Micromachining

chapter 4|42 pages

High-Aspect-Ratio Micromachining

chapter 5|10 pages

MEMS Testing

chapter 6|22 pages

MEMS Packaging

chapter 7|18 pages

Clean Rooms, Buildings and Plant

chapter 8|32 pages

The MEMSCOST Spreadsheet

chapter 9|28 pages

Product Costs: Accelerometers

chapter 10|22 pages

Product Costs: Microphones

chapter 11|16 pages

MEMS Foundries

chapter 12|14 pages

Financial Reporting and Analysis

chapter 13|6 pages