There are several well-known books on the market that cover biomaterials in a general way, but none provide adequate focus on the future of and potential for actual uses of emerging nanontechnology in this burgeoning field.Biomaterials: A Nano Approach is written from a multi-disciplinary point of view that integrates aspects of materials science a

chapter 1|34 pages

Overview of Biomaterials

chapter 2|22 pages

Basics of Human Biology

chapter 3|24 pages

Degradation and Corrosion of Biomaterials

chapter 4|42 pages

Failure and Tribology of Biomaterials

chapter 5|38 pages

Nanoscale Phenomena

chapter 6|26 pages

Metallic Biomaterials

chapter 7|30 pages

Ceramic Biomaterials

chapter 8|46 pages

Polymeric Biomaterials

chapter 9|36 pages

Composite Biomaterials

chapter 10|36 pages

Nanobiomaterials for Tissue Regeneration