Beginning with linear algebra and later expanding into calculus of variations, Advanced Engineering Mathematics provides accessible and comprehensive mathematical preparation for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students taking engineering courses. This book offers a review of standard mathematics coursework while effectively integrati

chapter 2|120 pages

- Matrix Theory

chapter 3|68 pages

- Scalar ODEs I: Homogeneous Problems

chapter 4|90 pages

- Scalar ODEs II: Nonhomogeneous Problems

chapter 5|104 pages

- Linear Systems of ODEs

chapter 6|92 pages

- Geometry, Calculus, and Other Tools

chapter 8|88 pages

- Numerical Methods I

chapter 9|98 pages

- Fourier Series

chapter 10|68 pages

- Partial Differential Equations Models

chapter 11|88 pages

- Separation of Variables for PDEs

chapter 12|36 pages

- Numerical Methods II

chapter 13|54 pages

- Optimization

chapter 14|42 pages

- Calculus of Variations

chapter 15|100 pages

- Functions of a Complex Variable

chapter 16|40 pages

- Conformal Mapping

chapter 17|40 pages

- Integral Transform Methods

chapter 18|70 pages

- Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations