Developments in Maritime Transportation and Exploitation of Sea Resources covers recent developments in maritime transportation and exploitation of sea resources, encompassing ocean and coastal areas. The book brings together a selection of papers reflecting fundamental areas of recent research and development in the fields of:- Ship Hydrodynamics-

chapter |82 pages

Resistance and propulsion

chapter |86 pages

Seakeeping and manoeuvring

chapter |38 pages

Fluid flows

chapter |76 pages

Ship operation

chapter |158 pages

Marine structures

chapter |100 pages

Ship design

chapter |32 pages

Shipyard technology

chapter |47 pages

Ship machinery

chapter |74 pages

Maritime transportation

chapter |112 pages

Safety and reliability

chapter |52 pages

Marine environment

chapter |110 pages

Renewable energy

chapter |66 pages

Wave & wind modelling

chapter |30 pages

Coastal engineering

chapter |32 pages


chapter |19 pages

Legal aspects