Engineers often find themselves tasked with the difficult challenge of developing a design that is both technically and economically feasible. A sharply focused, how-to book, Engineering Economics and Economic Design for Process Engineers provides the tools and methods to resolve design and economic issues. It helps you integrate technical a

part |2 pages

Section I. Engineering Economics

chapter 1|18 pages

The Economic Side of Engineering

chapter 2|22 pages

Time Value of Money

chapter 3|26 pages

Estimating Investments

chapter 4|24 pages

Estimating Production Cost

chapter 5|28 pages

Economic Evaluation Methods

part |2 pages

SECTION II Economic Design

chapter 6|10 pages

Economic Design: A Model

chapter 7|18 pages

Defining Objectives

chapter 8|22 pages

Creating Options: Flowsheet Development

chapter 9|28 pages

Creating Options: Creating the List

chapter 10|36 pages

Option/Alternate Analysis

chapter 11|40 pages

Economic Design Case Studies