In the ten years since the publication of the best-selling first edition, more than 1,000 graph theory papers have been published each year. Reflecting these advances, Handbook of Graph Theory, Second Edition provides comprehensive coverage of the main topics in pure and applied graph theory. This second edition-over 400 pages longer than its prede

chapter 1|54 pages

- Introduction to Graphs

chapter 2|108 pages

- Graph Representation

chapter 3|70 pages

- Directed Graphs

chapter 4|174 pages

- Connectivity and Traversability

chapter 5|182 pages

- Colorings and Related Topics

chapter 6|140 pages

- Algebraic Graph Theory

chapter 7|222 pages

- Topological Graph Theory

chapter 8|112 pages

- Analytic Graph Theory

chapter 9|110 pages

- Graphical Measurement

chapter 10|204 pages

- Graphs in Computer Science

chapter 11|78 pages

- Networks and Flows

chapter 12|82 pages

- Communication Networks

chapter 13|47 pages

- Natural Science & Processes