This practical handbook of properties for soils and rock contains in a concise tabular format the key issues relevant to geotechnical investigations, assessments and designs in common practice. There are brief notes on the application of the tables. These data tables are compiled for experienced geotechnical professionals who require a reference do

chapter 1|18 pages

Site investigation

chapter 2|14 pages

Soil classification and description

chapter 3|12 pages

Rock classification

chapter 4|14 pages

Field sampling and testing

chapter 7|16 pages

Soil properties and state of the soil

chapter 8|12 pages

Permeability and its influence

chapter 9|12 pages

Rock properties

chapter 11|16 pages

Deformation parameters

chapter 12|20 pages


chapter 13|20 pages

Subgrades and pavements

chapter 14|20 pages


chapter 15|18 pages

Terrain assessment, drainage and erosion

chapter 16|12 pages


chapter 17|14 pages

Fill specifications

chapter 18|18 pages

Rock mass classification systems

chapter 19|12 pages

Earth pressures

chapter 20|16 pages

Retaining walls

chapter 21|22 pages

Soil foundations

chapter 22|12 pages

Rock foundations

chapter 23|16 pages


chapter 24|4 pages

Appendix – loading

chapter 25|2 pages

Appendix – conversions

chapter 26|17 pages