Focusing on a data-centric perspective, this book provides a complete overview of data mining: its uses, methods, current technologies, commercial products, and future challenges.

Three parts divide Data Mining:

  • Part I describes technologies for data mining - database systems, warehousing, machine learning, visualization, decision sup
  • chapter 1|16 pages


    chapter |2 pages

    Part I. Technologies for Data Mining

    chapter |2 pages

    Introduction to Part I

    chapter 2|28 pages

    Database Systems

    chapter 3|16 pages

    Data Warehousing

    chapter 5|12 pages

    Architectural Support for Data Mining

    chapter |2 pages

    Conclusion to Part I

    chapter |2 pages

    Introduction to Part II

    chapter 6|12 pages

    The Process of Data Mining

    chapter 9|10 pages

    Data Mining Tools

    chapter |2 pages

    Conclusion to Part II

    chapter |2 pages

    Part III. Trends in Data Mining

    chapter |2 pages

    Introduction to Part III

    chapter 11|22 pages

    Multimedia Data Mining

    chapter 12|16 pages

    Data Mining and the World Wide Web

    chapter 13|10 pages

    Security and Privacy Issues for Data Mining

    chapter 14|8 pages

    Metadata Aspects of Mining

    chapter |2 pages

    Conclusion to Part

    chapter 15|12 pages

    Summary and Directions

    chapter |6 pages


    chapter |6 pages


    chapter |2 pages

    A. Data Management Technology

    chapter |1 pages

    A.l Overview

    chapter |5 pages

    A.2 Developments in Database Systems

    chapter |2 pages

    A.3 Status, Vision, and Issues

    chapter |2 pages

    A.4 Data Management Systems Framework

    chapter |1 pages

    A.6 Summary

    chapter |3 pages

    A. 7 References

    chapter |4 pages

    B. Artificial Intelligence

    chapter |4 pages

    B.3 Summary