Presents certain key aspects of inelastic solid mechanics centered around viscoelasticity, creep, viscoplasticity, and plasticity. It is divided into three parts consisting of the fundamentals of elasticity, useful constitutive laws, and applications to simple structural members, providing extended treatment of basic problems in static structural m

chapter |38 pages

Part I: Fundamentals

chapter 2|31 pages


chapter 3|29 pages


chapter |32 pages

Part II: Useful Constitutive Laws

chapter 5|30 pages

Linear Elastic Behavior

chapter 6|41 pages

Linear Viscoelastic Behavior

chapter 8|83 pages


chapter 9|66 pages

Boundary Value Problems

chapter 11|63 pages

Torsion of Shafts

chapter 12|50 pages

Plane Strain

chapter 13|68 pages

Plane Stress