This multidisciplinary text is an essential introduction to leadership in health care, combining the underpinning theory with a practical approach to help you come to decisions and solutions in everyday practice.* Written in an accessible and easy to understand style by an international team of practitioners who will engage, inspire and empower you

chapter 1|18 pages

Introduction to Leadership

chapter 3|16 pages

Understanding Self: Creating Your Vision

chapter 4|16 pages

Models of Communication Excellence

chapter 5|8 pages

The Art of Followership

chapter 6|14 pages

Effective Leadership of Teams

chapter 8|10 pages

Leading and Change in Institutions

chapter 9|12 pages

Second-Order Leadership

chapter 12|12 pages

Learning from Experience

chapter 14|12 pages

Setting Compelling Goals

chapter 15|22 pages


chapter 16|6 pages

Conclusions and Moving Forward