Implementing energy-efficient CPUs and peripherals as well as reducing resource consumption have become emerging trends in computing. As computers increase in speed and power, their energy issues become more and more prevalent. The need to develop and promote environmentally friendly computer technologies and systems has also come to the forefront

chapter I|90 pages

Components, Platforms, and Architectures

chapter II|100 pages

Energy-Efficient Storage

chapter III|118 pages

Green Networking

chapter IV|164 pages


chapter V|145 pages

Real-Time Systems

part |1 pages

Volume 2: Handbook of Energy-Aware and Green Computing

chapter VI|140 pages

Monitoring, Modeling, and Evaluation

chapter VII|114 pages

Software Systems

chapter VIII|178 pages

Data Centers and Large-Scale Systems

chapter IX|80 pages

Green Applications

chapter X|66 pages

Social and Environmental Issues