Take Control of Your Data and Use Python with ConfidenceRequiring no prior programming experience, Managing Your Biological Data with Python empowers biologists and other life scientists to work with biological data on their own using the Python language. The book teaches them not only how to program but also how to manage their data. It shows how

chapter 1|18 pages

◾ The Python Shell

chapter 2|22 pages

◾ Your First Python Program

chapter 3|14 pages

◾ Analyzing a Data Column

chapter 4|18 pages

◾ Parsing Data Records

chapter 5|16 pages

◾ Searching Data

chapter 6|18 pages

◾ Filtering Data

chapter 7|18 pages

◾ Managing Tabular Data

chapter 8|14 pages

◾ Sorting Data

chapter 9|24 pages

◾ Pattern Matching and Text Mining

chapter 10|22 pages

◾ Divide a Program into Functions

chapter 11|16 pages

◾ Managing Complexity with Classes

chapter 12|20 pages

◾ Debugging

chapter 14|18 pages

◾ Building Program Pipelines

chapter 15|24 pages

◾ Writing Good Programs

chapter 16|14 pages

◾ Creating Scientific Diagrams

chapter 17|22 pages

◾ Creating Molecule Images with PyMOL

chapter 18|24 pages

◾ Manipulating Images

chapter 19|16 pages

◾ Working with Sequence Data

chapter 20|12 pages

◾ Retrieving Data from Web Resources

chapter 21|20 pages

◾ Working with 3D Structure Data