The availability of electric lighting has changed the lives of people the world over, yet as a major user of electricity it has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years. This scrutiny has focused largely on the environmental consequences, with little consideration of the benefits of lighting. Human Factors in Lighting, Third Edition restores

chapter 1|40 pages


chapter 2|48 pages

2 Structure of the Visual System

chapter 3|24 pages

Non-Image-Forming System

chapter 4|48 pages

Lighting and Work

chapter 5|32 pages

Lighting and Visual Discomfort

chapter 7|54 pages

Lighting for Offices

chapter 8|24 pages

Lighting for Industry

chapter 9|40 pages

2 Escape Lighting in Context

chapter 10|76 pages

Lighting for Driving

chapter 11|32 pages

Lighting for Pedestrians

chapter 12|28 pages

Lighting and Crime

chapter 13|34 pages

Lighting for the Elderly

chapter 14|28 pages

Light and Health

chapter 15|22 pages

2 Forms of Light Pollution

chapter 16|22 pages

Lighting and Electricity Consumption

chapter 17|18 pages

The Way Ahead