During the last 60 years the discipline of human factors (HF) has evolved alongside progress in engineering, technology, and business. Contemporary HF is clearly shifting towards addressing the human-centered design paradigm for much larger and complex societal systems, the effectiveness of which is affected by recent advances in engineering, scien

chapter 2|14 pages

HITS: Advanced City Logistics Systems

chapter 10|8 pages

Waynding by Colors in Public Buildings

chapter 15|18 pages

Toward 2020 with SSAT

chapter 19|8 pages

Task and Its Complexity Assessment

chapter 23|10 pages

Advanced Theory of Political Marketing

chapter 24|10 pages

Marketing Strategies in the Conceptual Age

chapter 25|8 pages

Work Locus of Control and Burnout Syndrome

chapter 37|24 pages

Trauma in Modern Society

chapter 58|10 pages

World, University, Class, and Identity

chapter 69|8 pages

Quality of Virtual Mobility

chapter 79|12 pages

Experimenting with Teaching Contexts

chapter 83|10 pages

IT Solutions in Assessment