Fundamentals of Ground Engineering is an unconventional study guide that serves up the key principles, theories, definitions, and analyses of geotechnical engineering in bite-sized pieces. This book contains brief-one or two pages per topic-snippets of information covering the geotechnical engineering component of a typical undergraduate course in

chapter 1|8 pages

What is Geotechnical Engineering?

part |2 pages

PART A Discovering the Ground

chapter 2|8 pages

Formation of Soils and Rocks

chapter 3|14 pages

Description and Classification of Soils

chapter 4|8 pages

Ground Investigations

part |1 pages

Part B: Essential Physics and Mechanics

chapter 5|9 pages

A Little Basic Mechanics

chapter 6|11 pages

Behaviour of Materials

chapter 7|9 pages

Water Pressure and Seepage

part |2 pages

PART C Soil Mechanics

chapter 8|6 pages

Pore Pressure and Effective Stress

chapter 10|15 pages

Soil Deformation

chapter 11|15 pages

Soil Strength

chapter 12|7 pages

State and State Parameters

chapter 13|9 pages

Cam Clay and Numerical Modelling

chapter 14|12 pages

Soil Parameters for Design

part |2 pages

PART D Geotechnical Engineering

chapter 16|8 pages

Stability of Slopes

chapter 17|12 pages


chapter 18|10 pages

Retaining Walls

chapter 19|10 pages

Unsaturated, Improved and Difficult Soils

chapter 20|10 pages

Principles of Geotechnical Design