Beginning with an introduction to cryptography, Hardware Security: Design, Threats, and Safeguards explains the underlying mathematical principles needed to design complex cryptographic algorithms. It then presents efficient cryptographic algorithm implementation methods, along with state-of-the-art research and strategies for the design of very la

part 1|2 pages

Part I Background

chapter 1|26 pages

Mathematical Background

chapter 2|36 pages

Overview Of Modern Cryptography

chapter 3|18 pages

Modern Hardware Design Practices

part 2|2 pages

Part II Hardware Design Of Cryptographic Algorithms

part 3|2 pages

Part III Side Channel Analysis

chapter 7|22 pages

Introduction To Side Channel Analysis

chapter 8|64 pages

Differential Fault Analysis Of Ciphers

chapter 9|28 pages

Cache Attacks On Ciphers

chapter 10|40 pages

Power Analysis Of Cipher Implementations

chapter 11|14 pages

Testability Of Cryptographic Hardware

part 4|2 pages

Part IV Hardware Intellectual Property Protection

part 5|2 pages

Part V Hardware Trojans

part 6|2 pages

Part VI Physically Unclonable Functions