A Hands-On Approach to Teaching Introductory StatisticsExpanded with over 100 more pages, Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis for the Life Sciences, Second Edition presents the right balance of data examples, statistical theory, and computing to teach introductory statistics to students in the life sciences. This popular textbook covers the m

chapter 1|26 pages

- Description of samples and populations

chapter 2|24 pages

- Linear regression

chapter 3|18 pages

- Comparison of groups

chapter 4|32 pages

- The normal distribution

chapter 6|42 pages

- Hypothesis tests

chapter 7|26 pages

- Model validation and prediction

chapter 8|52 pages

- Linear normal models

chapter 9|22 pages

- Non-linear regression

chapter 10|16 pages

- Probabilities

chapter 11|22 pages

- The binomial distribution

chapter 12|26 pages

- Analysis of count data

chapter 13|32 pages

- Logistic regression

chapter 14|40 pages

- Statistical analysis examples

chapter 15|30 pages

- Case exercises