An Update of the Most Popular Graduate-Level Introductions to Bayesian Statistics for Social ScientistsNow that Bayesian modeling has become standard, MCMC is well understood and trusted, and computing power continues to increase, Bayesian Methods: A Social and Behavioral Sciences Approach, Third Edition focuses more on implementation details of th

chapter 1|36 pages

- Background and Introduction

chapter 2|32 pages

- Specifying Bayesian Models

chapter 3|28 pages

- The Normal and Student’s-t Models

chapter 4|48 pages

- The Bayesian Prior

chapter 5|30 pages

- The Bayesian Linear Model

chapter 6|32 pages

- Assessing Model Quality

chapter 8|28 pages

- Bayesian Decision Theory

chapter 10|44 pages

- Basics of Markov Chain Monte Carlo

chapter 12|40 pages

- Bayesian Hierarchical Models

chapter 13|22 pages

- Some Markov Chain Monte Carlo Theory

chapter 14|50 pages

- Utilitarian Markov Chain Monte Carlo

chapter 15|28 pages

- Markov Chain Monte Carlo Extensions