The HKP (Hong Kong Police),Asia‘s Finest is a battle-tested professional organization with strong leadership, competent staff, and deep culture. It is also a continuously learning and reforming agency in pursuit of organisational excellence. Policing in Hong Kong: History and Reform is the first and only book on the development of the Hong Kong

chapter 1|32 pages

Study of Policing in Hong Kong

chapter 2|54 pages

Debating Colonial Policing

chapter 3|48 pages

Assessing Colonial Policing1

chapter 4|52 pages

Policing with Hong Kong Characteristics

chapter 5|38 pages

Police Reform Literature1

chapter 6|30 pages

Policing in Colonial Hong Kong

chapter 7|26 pages

Formation of Hong Kong Police in the 1840s

chapter 9|126 pages

HKP Reform: The 1950s