An Invaluable Reference for Members of the Drilling Industry, from Owner-Operators to Large Contractors, and Anyone Interested In DrillingDeveloped by one of the world's leading authorities on drilling technology, the fifth edition of The Drilling Manual draws on industry expertise to provide the latest drilling methods, safety, risk management, an

chapter 1|16 pages

- Drillers and Their Industry

chapter 2|46 pages

- Mathematics and Mechanics

chapter 3|146 pages

- Drilling Operations and Methods

chapter 4|70 pages

- Drills, Pipes, and Auxiliary Equipment

chapter 5|36 pages

- Maintenance

chapter 6|52 pages

- Circulation Fluids and Grouting

chapter 7|46 pages

- Tests and Measurements

chapter 8|152 pages

- Drilling Applications and Sectors

chapter 9|32 pages

- Overcoming Downhole Problems

chapter 10|38 pages

- Geology and Mapping for Drillers

chapter 11|22 pages

- Information: Logs, Records, and Reports

chapter 12|46 pages

- A Guide to Rig and Crew Management