The monograph Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation, Information, Communication and Environment, is addressed to scientists and professionals in order to share their experience, expert knowledge and research results, concerning all aspects of navigation and sea transportation.The focus of monograph is high-quality, scholarly research that addresses development, application and implications, in the field of maritime education, maritime safety management, maritime policy sciences, maritime industries, marine environment and energy technology. Subjects of papers include electronics, astronomy, mathematics, cartography, command and control, psychology, operational research, risk analysis, theoretical physics, operation in hostile environments, instrumentation, ergonomics, financial planning and law. Also of interest are logistics, transport and mobility. The monograph provides a forum for transportation researchers, engineers, navigators, ergonomists, and policy-makers with an interest in maritime researches.From contemporary issues to the scientific, technological, political, economic, cultural and social aspects of maritime shipping, transportation and navigation, the monograph publishes innovative, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research on marine navigation subjects and is set to become the leading international scholarly journal specialising in debate and discussion on maritime subjects. The monograph is especially concerned to set maritime studies in a broad international and comparative context.