At the intersection of computer science and healthcare, data analytics has emerged as a promising tool for solving problems across many healthcare-related disciplines. Supplying a comprehensive overview of recent healthcare analytics research, Healthcare Data Analytics provides a clear understanding of the analytical techniques currently available

part |2 pages

I Healthcare Data Sources and Basic Analytics

chapter 2|40 pages

Electronic Health Records: A Survey

chapter 3|30 pages

Biomedical Image Analysis

chapter 5|60 pages

Biomedical Signal Analysis

chapter 8|58 pages

Mining the Biomedical Literature

chapter 9|32 pages

Social Media Analytics for Healthcare

part |2 pages

II Advanced Data Analytics for Healthcare

part |2 pages

III Applications and Practical Systems for Healthcare

chapter 16|44 pages

Data Analytics for Pervasive Health

chapter 17|22 pages

Fraud Detection in Healthcare

chapter 19|32 pages

Clinical Decision Support Systems