A succinct and practical primer on healthcare transformation, Leading Healthcare Transformation is a key resource for all clinicians in leadership positions. It summarizes high-profile healthcare topics and includes a synopsis of the evidence, examples, lessons learned, and key action steps for each topic covered.Providing cutting-edge insights fro

chapter 1|14 pages

The Health Care Landscape

chapter 3|14 pages

Spreading Improvement

chapter 4|8 pages

Physician Champions

chapter 5|10 pages

Building a Culture of Safety

chapter 7|14 pages

Key Quality and Safety Measures

chapter 8|18 pages

Using Data for Feedback and Improvement

chapter 10|14 pages

Engaging Patients and Families

chapter 12|14 pages

Addressing Variation in Utilization

chapter 13|10 pages

Physician Alignment and Clinical Integration

chapter 14|12 pages

New Payment Models

chapter 16|16 pages

Compendium of Action Steps