Animal Models in Toxicology is a single-source reference for the use of animal models in toxicology. Chapters cover nine species used in toxicology and experimental biology. With contributions from experts in toxicology, toxicological pathology, and species-specific metabolism, each of these chapters provides an excellent introductory "course" alon

chapter 1|20 pages


chapter 2|132 pages

The Mouse

chapter 3|132 pages

The Rat

chapter 4|56 pages

The Hamster

chapter 5|90 pages

The Guinea Pig

chapter 6|68 pages

The Rabbit

chapter 7|68 pages

The Ferret

chapter 8|104 pages

The Dog

chapter 9|92 pages


chapter 10|46 pages

The Minipig

chapter 11|16 pages

Alternative Species

chapter 12|52 pages

Clinical Pathology of Laboratory Animals

chapter 15|22 pages

Genetically Modi‹ed Animal Models

chapter 16|34 pages

Model Selection and Scaling (Allometry)

chapter 17|42 pages

Susceptibility Factors

chapter 19|34 pages

Necropsy and Gross Pathology