A Discovery-Based Approach to Learning about Algebraic StructuresAbstract Algebra: Structures and Applications helps students understand the abstraction of modern algebra. It emphasizes the more general concept of an algebraic structure while simultaneously covering applications. The text can be used in a variety of courses, from a one-semester int

chapter 1|42 pages

- Set Theory

chapter 2|26 pages

- Number Theory

chapter 3|92 pages

- Groups

chapter 4|46 pages

- Quotient Groups

chapter 5|60 pages

- Rings

chapter 6|54 pages

- Divisibility in Commutative Rings

chapter 7|58 pages

- Field Extensions

chapter 8|50 pages

- Group Actions

chapter 9|36 pages

- Classification of Groups

chapter 10|92 pages

- Modules and Algebras

chapter 11|56 pages

7 Automorphisms of Field Extensions

chapter 12|62 pages

- Multivariable Polynomial Rings

chapter 13|14 pages

- Categories