Consistently rated as the best overall introduction to computer-based image processing, The Image Processing Handbook covers two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) imaging techniques, image printing and storage methods, image processing algorithms, image and feature measurement, quantitative image measurement analysis, and more.

Incorporating image processing and analysis examples at all scales, from nano- to astro-, this Seventh Edition:

  • Features a greater range of computationally intensive algorithms than previous versions
  • Provides better organization, more quantitative results, and new material on recent developments
  • Includes completely rewritten chapters on 3D imaging and a thoroughly revamped chapter on statistical analysis
  • Contains more than 1700 references to theory, methods, and applications in a wide variety of disciplines
  • Presents 500+ entirely new figures and images, with more than two-thirds appearing in color

The Image Processing Handbook, Seventh Edition delivers an accessible and up-to-date treatment of image processing, offering broad coverage and comparison of algorithms, approaches, and outcomes.

chapter 1|46 pages

Acquiring Images

chapter 2|54 pages

Printing and Storage

chapter 3|62 pages

Human Vision

chapter 4|80 pages

Correcting Imaging Defects

chapter 5|78 pages

Image Enhancement in the Spatial Domain

chapter 6|60 pages

Processing Images in Frequency Space

chapter 7|58 pages

Segmentation and Thresholding

chapter 8|66 pages

Processing Binary Images

chapter 9|54 pages

Image Measurements

chapter 10|60 pages

Feature Measurements

chapter 11|64 pages

Characterizing Shape

chapter 13|70 pages

3D Imaging

chapter 14|72 pages

3D Processing and Measurement

chapter 15|66 pages

Imaging Surfaces