An Applied Treatment of Modern Graphical Methods for Analyzing Categorical DataDiscrete Data Analysis with R: Visualization and Modeling Techniques for Categorical and Count Data presents an applied treatment of modern methods for the analysis of categorical data, both discrete response data and frequency data. It explains how to use graphical meth

part I|112 pages

Getting Started

chapter 1|28 pages


chapter 2|34 pages

Working with Categorical Data

part II|146 pages

Exploratory and Hypothesis-Testing Methods

chapter 4|46 pages

Two-Way Contingency Tables

chapter 5|60 pages

Mosaic Displays for n-Way Tables

chapter 6|38 pages

Correspondence Analysis

part III|246 pages

Model-Building Methods

chapter 7|62 pages

Logistic Regression Models

chapter 8|26 pages

Models for Polytomous Responses

chapter 10|54 pages

Extending Loglinear Models

chapter 11|76 pages

Generalized Linear Models for Count Data